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About Us

GUANGZHOU DOUBLE STAR GLASSWARE CO.,LTD is a professional company of a development, production and sales of glasspackaging and supporting products. The factory has four automatic glass production line, a semi-automatic production line for athree. Specializing in the production of two pairs of drops of machine production line of nail polish bottles, cream bottles. A four-group single drop and one of six groups of single droplet production line, specializing in the production of creams and lotionsbottles and perfume bottles. At the same time the company is equipped with the automatic spraying, frosting, silk screen, hot stamping, injection molding, UV post-processing. Do all process in their own factory. Every year we often develop new design bottle moulds....[More]

Tel:(+86) 20-89048589, (+86) 20-89047161

Fax:(+86) 20-89047001

Mobile:+86 18502020584


Add:No.1068, Xingang Dong Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, China.

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